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On European Day of Justice Lithuanian notaries invite clients for free consultations


In commemoration of the European Day of Justice, notaries in Lithuania provided free consultations to the residents of the country on October 25, 2022.

"Lithuanian notaries stand in solidarity with their colleagues from European Union countries and provide free consultations on October 25, the European Day of Justice," says Marius Stračkaitis, president of the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries.

In 2020, the General Meeting of the members of the Chamber of Notaries of Lithuania adopted a resolution, calling for free consultations to individuals on issues of notarial competence every year on October 25.

On the initiative of Cristina Noemi Armella, president of the International Union of Notaries, which unites almost 90 countries, the World Days of Free Notary Consultations are held in October. For several years now, notaries of the European Union have been organizing the day of free consultations every year on October 25, commemorating the European Day of Justice.

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