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Minister of Justice visits notary bureau, tests the remote notary functions


Photo: Notary Daiva Lukoševičiūtė-Binkulienė (left), Deputy Minister Gabija Grigaitė-Daugirdė, notary Rolandas Kirlys, Minister of Justice Ewelina Dobrowolska at Vilnius 2nd notary bureau

On June 16, Minister of Justice Ewelina Dobrowolska and Deputy Minister Gabija Grigaitė-Daugirdė visited the 2nd notary office of the city of Vilnius to see how the freshly implemented innovations of remote notarial actions work.

First of all, the heads of the Ministry of Justice tested the so-called mixed transaction, when one party, in this case simulated  by the deputy minister, connected remotely via the secure connection of the eNotaras system, and the other party - the minister - participated "live" in the notary's office. A real estate donation transaction was simulated. The notary and the "remote client" first simulated the confirmation of the contract with electronic signatures, and then confirmed the transaction in the usual, written way with the "live" participating client.

Notaries Daiva Lukoševičiūtė-Binkulienė, Rolandas Kirlys and Edmundas Misevičius introduced the minister and vice-minister to the innovations of the eNotaras system, including the "carousel" functionality, which allows the client to quickly find a notary in order to perform a remote online notarial deed.

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