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Lithuanian residents and entrepreneurs are confident in notaries, two surveys show


Lithuanian residents and business entrepreneurs trust notaries most among legal professions and institutions, according to the two opinion polls, conducted by the Public opinion and market research center Vilmorus in May 2021.

Respondents from two target groups were asked about legal professions and legal institutions they trusted most.

In opinion of Lithuanian residents, policemen and notaries are most trusted representatives of legal professions, respectively 66 and 65 per cent of respondents show confidence in them. In comparison to previous polls, conducted annualy since 2015, the public confidence in notaries did not change significantly. Bar association (lawyers) took the third position of public confidence, receiving 43 per cent of support.

Meanwhile, 81 per cent of business leaders trust in notaries, and only 5 per cent mistrust in them. Policemen (74 per cent) and lawyers (63 per cent) follow in rankings of businesspeople's trust.


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