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Lithuanian notaries share experience with colleagues in Uzbekistan


An international conference "Innovations in the field of notariat" took place on July 25, 2022, organized remotely by the Chamber of Notaries of Uzbekistan. The president of the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries Marius Stračkaitis gave a presentation "Remote notary" and presented the experience of the Lithuanian notary in creating the eNotaras system and performing notarial acts remotely.

The Chamber of Notaries of Lithuania and the Chamber of Notaries of Uzbekistan have signed a cooperation agreement based on which Lithuanian notaries provide methodological support in the reforms of the Uzbekistan notary. The Chamber of Notaries of Uzbekistan was invited to join the International Union of Notaries, which unites approximately 90 countries. The accession formalities will be completed this December during the International Congress of Notaries in Cancun (Mexico).

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