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International Union of Notaries suspends membership of Russia and Belarus due to aggression against Ukraine


The membership of Russian and Belarusian notariates in the International Union of Notaries (UINL) is suspended indefinitely due to the aggression of Russia and Belarus against Ukraine.

This decision was approved on March 4 by the majority consensus of the Steering Committee of the International Union of Notaries.

The proposal to suspend the UINL membership of the Russian and Belarusian chambers of notaries was initiated by the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries. It was strongly supported by notary chambers in Estonia and Latvia, as well as German Federal Chamber of Notaries.

The International Union of Notaries unites notaries from 91 countries, organized according to the principles of Latin notarial practice, the most important of which is a private individual, a highly qualified lawyer entrusted by the state with the functions of ensuring legality and precedence of law in civil relations.

After the suspension of the UINL membership of the Russian Federation and the Belarusian chambers of notaries, these countries will lose the right to participate in institutional meetings, access to regular exchanges of professional competence, international conferences, seminars, sources of legal thought.

Earlier this week, at the initiative of the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries, the Council of Notaries of the European Union (CNUE), uniting the notaries of 22 EU member states, unanimously decided to accept the Notary Chamber of Ukraine as an observing member.

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