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CNUE grants observer member status to notariat of Sakartvelo (Georgia)


CNUE President Marius Stračkaitis (photo courtesy CNUE)

The notariat of Sakartvelo (Georgia) has become even closer to the European family of notaries - it has been granted the observer member status at the Council of Notariats of the European Union (CNUE).

This decision was approved by the CNUE General Assembly in Brussels on March 15th. In 2024, CNUE is chaired by the President of the Chamber of Notaries of Lithuania Marius Stračkaitis.

"Sakartvelo notaries will now be able to make better use of the means of cooperation with colleagues in Europe. We, the European notaries, on our part, have long seen and appreciated the reforms of the Sakartvelo notariat and its progress in the field of digitization of notary services," CNUE President M. Stračkaitis said.

The EU granted Sakartvelo the candidate membership status in December 2023, therefore CNUE used the opportunity to raise its institutional cooperation level with Sakartvelo notaries.

CNUE unites the notaries of 22 European Union member states and represents the interests of approximately 45 thousand European notaries. CNUE now also has eight observer members - Albania, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Sakartvelo, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.

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