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CNUE allocates 91 thousand euros in support of Ukrainian notaries


The Council of Notariats of the European Union (CNUE), presided by Lithuania this year, allocated more than 90 thousand euros to support Ukrainian notaries.

This decision was passed on February 8 in Brussels, at the meeting of the CNUE's Administrative Board, chaired by the President of the Chamber of Notaries of Lithuania, Marius Stračkaitis. The decision of the Board finally formalized the political will formulated last year by the CNUE's General Assembly to allocate financial support to Ukrainian notaries.

"Like the whole of Ukraine, which is experiencing Russian aggression, our professional colleagues, Ukrainian notaries, are facing survival challenges - notaries and their relatives are suffering and dying, notaries' offices and their archives are being destroyed during shellings and bombings, so European notaries cannot remain indifferent to this situation." - CNUE President M. Stračkaitis said.

In accordance to Administrative Board's decision, 91 thousand euros will be transferred from the CNUE's budget to the "Save Ukrainian notaries and their families" charity foundation, established by the Chamber of Notaries of Ukraine.

The above-mentioned foundation distributed the previous financial support received from CNUE, Lithuania's and other countries's notaries among Ukrainian notaries who suffered from the war and their family members.

The Chamber of Notaries of Lithuania announced support for the Ukrainian notary as one of the three priorities of the presidency, together with the strengthening of the notary profession in Europe and the digitization of the notary.

In 2024, the Chamber of Notaries of Lithuania presides over the CNUE, an organization uniting the notaries of 22 European Union countries, and Klaipėda notary M. Stračkaitis was elected its president for a one-year term.

The CNUE Administrative Board meets seven times a year, resolves current administrative issues of CNUE and provides decision recommendations to the General Assembly, which convenes three times a year.

CNUE represents the interests of approximately 50,000 notaries in European countries and 200,000 of their employees.

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