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Baltic notaries meet in Riga


Delegates from Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries took part at the annual meeting of the Trilateral Council of Baltic Notaries, which was held in Riga on September 9, 2022.

Representatives of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania presented the latest news and developments related to notaries of each country. Marius Stračkaitis, the president of Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries, introduced the legislative changes and initiatives in Lithuania, as well as implementation of remote notarial actions. The president also reviewed the support measures to the Ukrainian notariat, the implementation of sanctions against the citizens of Russia and Belarus, provided information on the restriction of cash transactions in Lithuania, the register of beneficiaries, the methodology for determining notary fees, changes to the provisions of the Notary qualification exam and the public competitions for the position of notary, etc.

In accordance with the 1996 Co-operation and Friendship Agreement signed in Jūrmala, representatives the Chamber of Notaries of Lithuania, the Council of Sworn Notaries of Latvia and the Chamber of Notaries of Estonia annualy meet in a different country.

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