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Court of Honor of Notaries

Picture above - The Notaries' Court of Honor of 2017-2019 term (left to right): Saulius Svaldenis, notary of Vilnius, Mindaugas Trečiokas, notary of Vilnius, Virginija Pupkienė, notary of Panevezys, Vaiva Staskonyte-Malcienė, notary of Vilnius, Mindaugas Statkevičius, notary of Kaunas.

1. Court of Honor of Notaries investigates the cases of breach of professional ethics and malfeasances of notaries. The Court acts in accordance with the Regulations of the Court of Honors of Notaries, approved by the Minister of Justice.

2. Court of Honor of Notaries consists of five notaries. Two of them are elected at the Assembly of the Chamber of Notaries, two are appointed by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania, one is appointed by the Chairperson of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Lithuania.

3. The term of office of the Court lasts for three years.

4. The Court of Honor of Notaries can serve if more than half of its members are elected or appointed.

Present composition of the Court of Honor of Notaries: 


Mrs. Virginija Pupkienė - notary of Panevezys city 3rd notary bureau,

Mrs. Vaiva Staskonytė-Malcienė - notary of Vilnius city 1st notary bureau,

Mr. Saulius Svaldenis - notary of Vilnius 31st notary bureau,

Mr. Mindaugas Statkevičius - notary of Kaunas 24th notary bureau,

Mr. Ramūnas Trečiokas - notary of Vilnius 26th notary bureau.